Newnan School of Gymnastics and Cheerleading, Inc. is a family oriented gym serving Newnan for over 20 years.

We offer a variety of classes for ages 18 months to 18 years of age in small group ratios with emphasis of fun and enjoyment.  Classes are held Monday thru Thursday.  Please call for availability.

Newnan School of Gymnastics & Cheerleading, Inc. instructors and coaches have been carefully selected to work with your child  Each is highly skilled in the teaching techniques of gymnastics, cheerleading, and movement education. Our staff of professionals are enthusiastic about the Newnan School of Gymnastic & Cheerleading, Inc. programs and anxious to work with your child.

For the safety of everyone, we ask that you watch your children at all times while in the parking lot and lobby area.  No running is permitted in the lobby or the parking lot.  Please do not block lobby exits.  Shoes and/or other clothing should be placed on shelves in the lobby.  We are striving to maintain a safe and comfortable facility for everyone to enjoy.  In order to facilitate a reasonable traffic flow, please be considerate and refrain from blocking the drive thru.  If you are waiting for a child to exit the building you may need to drive around and re-enter the drive thru line or park in a designated space so that other cars are able to continue to exit with their children.  Please do not block other vehicles or the designated enter-exit lane to the back parking lot.  Your consideration will be most appreciated.

Please do not bring any animals inside the building.  Many people have allergies to cats and/or dogs.  Also, small children can easily frighten animals with the noise and movement in the gym.  Thank you.

Parking Lot Safety

Our classes run Monday - Thursday. This is a set schedule though May. Class fee are paid every 4 weeks.  Please call the office for information about class availability and schedules.  770-254-0637

No Animals Allowed Inside The Building


Recreational Gymnastics

NSG offers all levels of recreational gymnastics and tumbling. Our programs are categorized by age, required skills and experience, and free trial classes are available to help us determine the best class for your child.


Competitive Gymnastics

Team NSG follows the competitive level system set forth by USAG in both our boys and girls competitive programs. Our Boys and Girls Competitive Team program is on an invitational basis only.  Our Gymnasts compete in USA Level 2-10 and AAU Level 4 and Prep-Optionals.


Competitive Cheerleading

Our Newnan Southern Stars All-Star Cheerleading competitive program has been champions for 16 years, National Champions since 2002.  We compete in Novice through Advance and in the Youth - Junior - Senior divisions.


Gymnastics is recreational, competitive, and educational.  Often it is used as a training supplement for several sports...soccer, baseball, basketball, football, and as a foundation for other activities...cheerleading, dance, etc...Experts in the field of child development consider gymnastics to be the best means of promoting physical fitness, mental health, and emotion well being.

  The versatile nature of gymnastics enables boys and girls of all ages to participate and benefit more from this activity than any other.


A child is only a child once.  Let your child join the millions of children today being guided toward total development through the meaningful experience of gymnastics...Let your child become a part of Newnan School of Gymnastics & Cheerleading.

Why Gymnastics?

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