Newnan Southern Stars Cheerleading


The Newnan Southern Stars have been competing since 2002 and have won numerous state, regional and national championships. We have over 28 years experience teaching children in our community.  Our programs are family oriented for you and your student-athlete.

Team Selection:

     At Newnan School of Gymnastics & Cheerleading we follow The United States All-Star Cheerleading Federation Rules. Our coaches make team selections based on many factors, please click here for more information on our team selection process.

Our Coaches:

    Newnan School of Gymnastics & Cheerleading, Inc. instructors and coaches have been carefully selected to work with your child  Each is highly skilled in the teaching techniques of gymnastics, cheerleading, and movement education.

Gym Safety Policies

    Please remember no parents are allowed in the gym at any time.  If you need to pass a message to the coach of your child's team, leave it in the office and office personnel will make sure your coach receives it. 

   Safety is stressed in all of our classes, with special emphasis placed on building self-esteem, confidence, and a sense of accomplishment, in all of our cheerleaders.  For your convenience, we provide a drop-off/pick-up lane at our side entrance.  Please no parking in this lane.

Payment Policy:

   Payment is due the first week of each month.    If payment has not been received by the end of the monthly session, a 10% service charge will be added to your account and a past due statement will be sent to you.   We accept:  Cash, Checks, Debits & Credit Cards.


     Additional fees include, but are not limited to, uniform costs, competition fees, and travel expenses


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