Our classes run Monday - Thursday. This is a set schedule though May. You pay your class fee every 4 weeks.  Please call the office for information about class availability and schedules.  770-254-0637

Parent & Tot:




18 months - 3 years

50 minutes

morning classes only

3 years - 5 years

50 minutes


5 years & older

1 hour all equipment

boys & girls separated

afternoons & evenings

8 years & older

Beginner through advanced

1 hour floor skills

afternoons & evenings

Holiday Closings

Sept. 3

Nov. 20-25

Dec. 23 - Jan. 6

Feb. 18 -24

Apr. 1- 7

May 19 - 26

Jun. 30 - Jul. 7

Labor Day



Winter Break

Spring Break

Summer Break

Summer Break

Make-Up Classe Policy

We offer "Make-Up Days" every session on the last Friday of each session.  These designated days will be posted on the bulletin board and you must sign up for your make-up class.  We feel it is very important to maintain our student/teacher ratio; therefore, you cannot make up your class on another day.  All make-up classes will follow a gymnastics format.  We do not refund or prorate fees for any classes missed.

Gym Safety Policy

Please remember no parents are allowed in the gym at any time.  If you need to pass a message to the coach of your child's team, leave it in the office and office personnel will make sure your coach receives it. 

 Safety is stressed in all of our classes, with special emphasis placed on building self-esteem, confidence, and a sense of accomplishment, in all of our gymnasts.  For your convenience, we provide a drop-off/pick-up lane at our side entrance.  Please no parking in this lane.

        All hair must be pulled back away from the face.


          No jewelry


          NSG is not responsible for lost items.



     Girls: leotard or gym shorts and t-shirt  

      Boys: gym shorts and t-shirts


     Tumbling & Cheernastics:


      Gym shorts & t-shirt


           Tennis/cheer shoes


           Tank tops, sports bras, or similar clothing, which exposes the mid-section, are not acceptable as the only top.

Dress Code


Tumble Track