Newnan School of Gymnastics Competitive Teams

Newnan School of Gymnastics is a proud member of USA Gymnastics. USA Gymnastics is the national organization set up to provide gymnasts with 10 skill levels of competition. USAS sets these specific levels for competitive advancement from beginning competitors to international level competitors.

Team NSG follows this competitive level system set forth by the USAG in both boys and girls competitive programs.  We begin with compulsory routines at level 1. As our athletes progress through their levels, they begin optional routines at level 7.

Our Boy’s and Girl’s Competitive Team program is on an invitational basis only. Competitive gymnastics is divided into two categories: compulsory and optionals. Compulsory levels are 1-6. The optional levels begin at 7 and continue to level 10.

Welcome to Team NSG

For additional information about our team programs please contact us at 770-254-0637.

Congratulations to our Men’s Team State Champions! 

Hunter Cluelow, Level 9,Floor, Pommel Horse, Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars, High Bar & All-Around,

Carlos Peralta, Jr1 Floor, Pommel Horse & All-Aound, John Cluelow, Jr1, Vault & Parallel Bars,

Pope Phillips Level 5 Parallel Bars,

Ayden Peczka, Level 5, Pommel Horse!